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05:30 AM Suprabatham
06:00 AM Amrutopadesha by Shri Swamigalu
07:00 AM Dasarapadagalu To 9 AM
09:00 AM Amrutopadesha by Shri Swamigalu
10:00 AM Dasarapadagalu
11:00 AM Kshetradarshana
11.15 AM Dasarapadagalu
02:00 PM Amrutopadesha by Shri Swamigalu
03:00 PM Shri Hari Bhajane Nirantara
06:00 PM Kshetradarshana
07:00 PM Panditara Upanyasa
08:00 PM Amrutopadesha by Shri Swamigalu
09:00 PM Shri Hari Bhajane Niramtara
10:00 PM Dasarapadagalu Till 5.30 AM
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Satyatma Vani-A 24 X 7 Internet Radio of Sri Uttaradimatha- is absolutely free for listeners to enjoy the SreeHaridasara Padagalu. We strive hard not to broadcast any copyrighted audio. To report abuse of copyrighted material the concerned authorities can contact us.such material will be off the air


Advisory Panel
Pt. Satyadhyanacharya Katti
Pt. Vidyadheeshacharya Guttal

Chief Radio Admin: Vidwan Raghavendracharya Rachuri, Radio Manager : Shri Mohan Chippagiri

Seshagiri K.M,
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