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With the blessings from Shri Shri Satyatma Thirtha Sripadaru the Radio Satyatmavani a 24 x 7 online Radio has completed Seven Years.This Station was launched by Shri Shri Shri Satyatma Thirtharu during 2012 Chaturmasaya at Bengaluru. Within a Short Span, this station became popular among the Madhwa Community. Thanks to the Listeners for making this radio a grand success.

Disclaimir:Satyatma Vani-A 24 X 7 Internet Radio of Sri Uttaradimatha- is absolutely free for listeners to enjoy Sree Haridasara Padagalu. We strive hard not to broadcast any copyrighted audio. To report abuse of copyrighted material the concerned authorities can contact us such material will be off the air

Pandit Satyadhyana achar Katti
Pandit Vidydeeshacharya Guttal
Pandit Raghavendraacharya Rachuri
Sri.Mohan Chippagiri

Founder ,Admin & Radio Manager.

  • Radio Satyatmavani is a great boon to the Madhwa Devotees especially uttaradimath devotees for the listening Shri Satyatma Thirta Sripadaru Amrutopadesha. Thanks to the UM Radio Team for bringing this radio 24 X 7

    Sri Ananth― Bengaluru

  • We are happy that radio Satyatmavani completed Seven Years in Serving the Shri Madhwa Community. Our Pranamas to the Advisory Pannel and Radio Teams for bringing this excellent Radio Station. Keep Moving

    Shri Sudeendra ― USA

  • Since the radio Satyatmavaani started in am one of the regular listener. it's a very good initiative taken. thanks to the whole team.

    Vidya Joshi ― Hyderabad

  • Thank you for starting this wonderful online radio. Even during my busy schedule, I try to squeeze in and listen to some of the Amrutopadesha by Sri Satyatma swamigalu and Dasara padagalu played on the radio. It makes my day go smoothly with the anugraha of Sri Harivayu through our Sri Swamigalu. I grew up learning and listening to my mother sing Dasara padagalu and Harikathamruthasara and hope to pass it on to my children, although a tough job to do here in the US. The radio and UM stotra app have helped me in this regard. I pray this service continues to help bringing awareness to all Madhvas. .

    Sneha Rao― Nodia

  • Haraye namah. All programs are good

    Padmavathi Pai ― Pune

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